Randy Bradley by Jake Bohstedt

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BOMB 62 Winter 1998
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The Bar On Tompkins Square Park by Frederic Tuten
Frederic Tuten
Sanctuary by Neil Bissoondath

He forced his gaze past his own reflection in the plate-glass window of the restaurant, past the inverted letters announcing Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese cuisine, to the night beyond. 

Keep it From the Flame by Ken Foster

My mother is lighting another cigarette from the stove. 

Whom No Hate Stirs None Dances by Bradford Morrow
Peter Nadin 1

Still dressed in the suit he wore to the funeral and not five minutes in mama’s house Cutts sought, found, and pulled down on the cord that hung from the trap door to the attic. Georgia stood behind him, black pumps off.

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BOMB 62, Winter 1998

Featuring interviews with Elizabeth Murray, Kerry James Marshall, Anthony Hecht, Michael Winterbottom, Liza Bear, Wong Kar-Wai, Olu Dara, Martin Sherman, and Philip Kan Gotanda. 

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