Three Poems by Rachel Alexandra Kass

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A Lone

narishkeiten midnight
dipped quail nine
ways sleep or-

ange grey sturgis wing
oil horned chameleon sink
lift sleuth clots
turnip beating ribs
clawed tip paragraph

chvalye chvalye, i am
allowing i am
another place to live
until this body calms down

Dumplings in a Dream Are Not Dumplings, But A Dream

Lying on the couch all day glass of water a highly disgusting smoothie four coloring books, a myriad of psychiatric and “anti-inflammatory” medication anti-inflammatory Jewish history books anti-inflammatory pretzel sticks anti-inflammatory medicinal cannabis anti-inflammatory Apple products anti-inflammatory cats sleeping on feet anti-inflammatory silent reckoning anti-inflammatory blank wall screaming anti-inflammatory self-loathing smack the mind’s muddied puddle challenge my intentions with a scent

Making Muffins out of Fingernails

I left you in an artichoke
carried all your hair

Kandinsky convinced me 
What I hear is only 

there for the there that it’s 
there for 

I left you in a cantaloupe 
so I could watch the orange 

entrails of your voice 
speaking the way you used to 

Rachel Alexandra Kass is a New York-based poet with work recently featured in Maudlin House and The Bombay Gin.  Her first collection, Jewess in a Forest (and other poems) will be published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe in the Fall of 2018. Follow Rachel on Twitter and Instagram @rhamphoid. 

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