Pure Hallow Tone by Sidney Wade

BOMB 63 Spring 1998
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The blank
moon sheds
it clothes
all over
my lawn
then melts
into the shallow
bath of itself



with wine

the garden

on my door

its shoulders

and opens


The blue
heart breaks
and pools
on the floor


Night lays
my body down
in the heart
of the house
and begins
its bald


on my eyes
I lie
on the ribs
of the stone boat
which floats
in full-bodied
the island
of reeds


I bear
in mind
the heft
of the tongue
and articulate
the slenderest
of figures—
for the bed
of singing


Sidney Wade is spending the year in Istanbul. Her second collection of poems, Green, will be published in April in the James Dickey Series of Contemporary Poetry by the University of South Carolina Press.

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Originally published in

BOMB 63, Spring 1998

Featuring interviews with Gillian Wearing, Mona Hatoum, Jim Lewis, Dale Peck, Maureen Howard, John Sayles, Steve Earle, Martin McDonagh, Victor Garber, and Alfred Molina.

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