Protoplasmic Alphabet by Jill Reynolds

BOMB 39 Spring 1992
Issue 39 039  Spring 1992

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39 Reynolds Body

Jill Reynolds, Protoplasmic Alphabet, 1991, glass, silicone, cork, wax, 16 pcs., 3 × 2 × 2 inches.

Two Sculptures by Tom Butter
15 Butter 1 Body
Embodying Interior Lives: Dawn Cerny Interviewed by Emily Zimmerman
A thin vertical sculpture consisting of silver and yellow bars titled, Screen from Leisure Activity Area at Eden Lake, by Dawn Cerny

Sculptures as actors, props, and sets.

Between Fragility and Strength: Barbara Earl Thomas Interviewed by Emily Zimmerman
An installation shot of a large flat vertical glass sculpture in a room illuminated with golden light titled, The Geography of Innocence, by Barbara Earl Thomas

Portraits intended to inspire.

Josiah McElheny’s The Light Club and A Prism by Sabine Russ
Josiah McElheny 01

The artist Josiah McElheny has published two books that display his collaboration with artists, scholars, scientists and creative writers, offering a multitude of voices, speculations, fictions, and facts.

Originally published in

BOMB 39, Spring 1992

Featuring interviews with Terry Winters, Sheila Bosworth, Larry Fishburne, Adam Fuss, Tom DiCillo, Kim Wozencraft, Marcus Schubert, Emma Tennant, Todd Graff, Hedda Sterne, and Cucaracha Theatre.

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Issue 39 039  Spring 1992