Practice of the Daily by Chloë Bass

A selection of images from Chloë Bass’s 2011 series Practice of the Daily, shown here for the first time as a complete set. Bass uses performance and installation as a means to investigate the everyday, engaging the aesthetics of tacit but meaningful participation.

Bomb Note1 Body
Img 2504 Body
Img 2518 Body
Img 2522 Body
Img 2533 Body
Img 2552 Body
Bomb Note2 Body
Img 2570 Body
Img 2577 Body
Img 2584 Body
Img 2590 Body
Img 2601 Body
Bomb Note3 Body
Img 2617 Body
Img 2623 Body
Img 2634 Body
Img 2636 Body
Img 2652 Body
Bomb Note4 Body
Img 2665 Body
Img 2678 Body
Img 2694 Body
Img 2712 Body
Img 2719 Body
Bomb Note5 Body
Img 2728 Body
Img 2741 Body
Img 2764 Body
Img 2776 Body
Img 2782 Body

For more on Chloë Bass, please visit her website.

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