Summer Issue: Portfolio by Torkwase Dyson

BOMB 144 Summer 2018
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Selections from Tuning (Hypershape, 200–410), 2018, gouache, ink, and pen on paper, 9 × 12 inches. Courtesy of Rhona Hoffman Gallery.

These drawings are from a series of 210 on view at the Graham Foundation in Chicago as part of Torkwase Dyson and the Wynter-Wells School through July 28, 2018. Here the artist investigates the vast, complex, entropic concerns of global warming, architecture/infrastructure, and human geography, developing an abstract shape language made up of what she calls hypershape. These standardized shapes recall ominous industrial geometries used to contain and move resources. In rendering these abstract forms, Dyson posits how we might defy and subvert the systems in which they function and aims to address a new kind of environmental citizenship.

Portfolio by Renee Gladman
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Nicola López by Trevor Paglen
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Trevor Paglen on how Nicola López’s jumbled cityscapes reflect the “Anthropic” age we live in.

Julie Mehretu by Lawrence Chua
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At the heart of Julie Mehretu’s paintings is a question about the ways in which we construct and live in the world. Perhaps that is what makes the work so radical: its willingness to unravel the conventionally given answers about the violent environment we inhabit today. 

Constant by Linda Boersma
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Before becoming known as the conceptual architect of the New Babylon, a utopian plan for the city of the future, Constant Nieuwenhuys had made his name as one of the most important painters of the CoBrA avant-garde movement.

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BOMB 144, Summer 2018

Featuring interviews with Chris Martin, Cy Gavin, Tauba Auerbach, Sam Hillmer, Amy Jenkins, Florian Meisenberg, John Akomfrah, Simone Forti, Ottessa Moshfegh, and Anna Moschovakis

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