Portfolio by Isaac Pool

Isaac Pool, Untitled Cover (ice, galena, black kyanite, home), 2016, video with sound, 4:52 minutes. All works courtesy of the artist.

Readings by Theresa

Dawn whistles toothy tide shaking ankle loose.
Leavening in the mix left the room flat, left
         carbonated now still.
Insisting on mineral, on harvest, on pasture
raised until a tilled plane or runway reveals
my ascendant sign as a billboard on stilts.

I’m making jokes, she’s got answers:

              If you are seeking a sure fire woman to 
              do for you the things that are needed 
              or WISH TO GAIN FINANCIAL AID or 
              PEACE, LOVE and PROSPERITY 
              in the home, you need to see 
              this woman of GOD 

Slipping out my palm, a maitre’d takes my hand
and rubs on a glitter lotion to prep. I’d like to say
I’m reveling, but I’m not. Feels too much like
home, like quickness, like an insult to light or

flakes and flashback to bedroom, to spectral
glistening, midday makeover wanting to see
open dance floor but only knowing the clearance

The metal residue is eye contact passed,
is the memory of desire heated to room temp.
Enough to eat slowly at a desk, but not smell too
resonant, too present, too fresh.

              UTTER A WORD. SHE can bring the 
              SPIRIT OF RELEASE and CONTROL 
              your every affair and dealing.

Listening to Theresa when she says
“DON’T GIVE UP” and feeling out the right
moment, the right crisis balanced with
income to complete my pilgrimage towards
the icon of her breast. Eager, hands open,
stilted wrist.

Isaac Pool Bomb 1

Dorito Flag, 2016, acrylic, hardware, pigment, crushed stretch-velvet, fringe, fluorescent light, melted lighting gel, safety pins, and metal stud.

Isaac Pool Bomb 2

Sorties 2, 2016, mohair scarf, Clairol Bw2 Powder Lightener, Manic Panic Electric Amethyst, barrette, nail polish, skateboard scrap, and Titanium-coated quartz.


A pragmatic blouse
worn with candor.

Isaac Pool Bomb 7

No Boundaries, 2012, crop-top tag.

Pool’s work is included in the group exhibition Queering Space, up through October 28, 2016 at Yale University’s Green Hall Gallery.

Isaac Pool is an artist and poet from Detroit living in New York. He holds an MFA in Fine Art from Parsons, The New School for Design and a BFA from Wayne State University. Recent performances include DSM-V and Carry Out Stage at the Knockdown Center; Beet Joy, with Jessica Posner as maybe, at the Judson Memorial Church; and 40 Volume at the Brick Theatre. Recent exhibitions include Good Piece of Food at Greylight Projects, Brussels; and Thanks to Apple, Amazon and The Mall at Klaus von Nichtssagend, NYC. Pool’s first full-length book of poems in print, Light Stain, is available from What Pipeline, Detroit, and an eBook, Alien She, is available from Klaus eBooks.

Portfolio by Jonathan VanDyke
Jonathan Vandyke Bomb 1
Come to My Window by Jeanne Vaccaro
A person wearing a slayer baseball cap and facemark reaches through a window to touch a leg titled, Aimee Goguen at the window, by Jeanne Vaccaro

The aesthetics and erotics of boundaries and portals.

Embodied Practice: Christine Howard Sandoval Interviewed by Louis Bury
A painting made of mud that depicts a building facade with arches titled, Arch--A Passage Formed By a Curve, by Christine Howard Sandoval

Art that addresses colonial legacies.

Mining the Underground: Nicolas Sassoon Interviewed by Alison Sinkewicz
Two glowing orange LCD panels hanging from curved bars inserted into stones titles, The Prophets Kaolea, by Nicolas Sassoon

Combining the sculptural and the digital.