Portfolio: From Various Music For a While by Elena Berriolo

This First Proof contains two pieces by Elena Berriolo, from Various Music For a While.

BOMB 116 Summer 2011
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Elena Berriolo 1

Elena Berriolo, spreads from Various Music For a While (Inspired by Henry Purcell), 2011, unique, 16-page artist book, thread, pen, and watercolor on paper, 8 × 11 ¾”.

Elena Berriolo 2

This issue of First Proof is funded, in part, by the Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation and the Thanksgiving Fund.

Additional funding is provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the New York State Council on The Arts, and readers like you.

Elena Berriolo is an artist living in New York. She has been working exclusively on artists’ books since 2008. One such book was recently acquired by the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Project by Leanne Shapton
Leanne Shapton 01
Samuel Jablon by James Hyde
Jablon 2

With exuberance, Jablon’s paintings tell the story of their own making. They are what they are by showing how they got there and how they take up their subject—and that subject is text.

Portfolio by Emilie Clark
115 Clark 01 Body
Portfolio by Judith Hudson
113 Fp Hudson 01 Body

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BOMB 116, Summer 2011

Featuring interviews with Francis Alÿs, Binyavanga Wainaina, Simon Van Booy and Siri Hustvedt, Natalia Almada, Joanna Newsom, Scott Shepherd, and Mickalene Thomas.

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