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WWW highly enjoys collaborations and co-creation and is currently involved in the project Perfect Users: a remix group that reflects on using-in-general and digital anthropology (or not). The perfect collective participates as a pavilion at The Wrong (biennale), on view until January 31. Special thanks to fellow artist Kunal Agnihotri, whose software was used in the making of the screenshot-collages from this publication.

William Wolfgang Wunderbar is a digital artist whose mutating styles often embrace various techniques.

James Hoff by Eli Keszler
Laura Kurgan by Noah Chasin
Laura Kurgan Bomb 01

An architect talks about her data maps of urban conflict from Brooklyn to Aleppo.

Sit, Scroll and Fume by Sarah Jean Grimm
Tommy Pico 01

Tommy Pico’s IRL searches the catacombs of history and hashtags of today to create what can’t be salvaged.

Ryan Trecartin by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer
Trecartin Bomb 01

“I liked thinking about the word occupy literally. To occupy something. To occupy a sensation or a history and then to be kicked out of it and be squatting near it and trying to reinvest in it.”