Portfolio by Margaret Lee

BOMB 120 Summer 2012
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Margaret Lee 2

Margaret Lee & Antoine Catala, http://www.suzannewhite.com/new-astrology/AquariusGoat.html, 2010, pigment print, 5 × 7”. All images courtesy of the artists.

Margaret Lee 4

Margaret Lee & Anicka Yi, Keyhole of Speculative Frenzy (eBay shoot #0012), 2010, pigment print, 7 × 5”.

Margaret Lee 3

Margaret Lee & Ajay Kurian, Darren’s Chair, 2011, pigment print, 7 × 5”.

Margaret Lee 1

Margaret Lee & Alisa Baremboym, Delicatessen, 2010, pigment print, 7 × 5”.

Margaret Lee 5

Margaret Lee & K. Mustermann, 10 Tips For Painting Your Miami Home, 2010, pigment print, 5 × 7”.

Portfolio by Strauss Bourque-LaFrance
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Michael Alfe and Dru Kim
Michael Alfe 01

Michael Alfe, a young San Francisco painter, paints pompadoured youths who wander in perspectivally twisted interior-exterior spaces vomiting crystaline lines of jewel-like paint. 

Elaborate Intuition: Bergsonist Interviewed by Greg Zifcak
Credits Greg Zifcak

The inventive electronic musician discusses collaboration, method, and digital distribution.

Animation and Abstraction: Jennifer Steinkamp Interviewed by Sean Capone
Jennifer Steinkamp1

Connecting real space and virtual images.

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BOMB 120, Summer 2012

Featuring interviews with Susan Meiselas and Danny Lyon, Tom Murphy, Cass McCombs and Ariel Pink, Blake Butler and Brian Evenson, John Newman and B. Wurtz, Ralph Lemon and John Hannaham, Eija-Liisa Ahtila and Cary Wolfe, and Wayne Koestenbaum.

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Issue 120 Bombsite Cover120 548