Portfolio by GaHee Park

“Butt on Face”

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675823701 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 06

GaHee Park, Butt on Face, 2014. All images courtesy of the artist.

145039850 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 02

Potluck Party, 2015.

135074440 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 07

Fuck You Woman, 2012.

229893695 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 03

Saying Grace, 2013.

224343397 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 04

Reflection, 2014.

775388165 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 11

Cat Watching People, 2015.

354145160 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 01

Studio Visit, 2015.

632453780 01252016 Gahee Park Bomb 08

Humping Dog, 2013.

GaHee Park was born in Seoul and is currently based in New York. She received her BFA from Tyler School of Art and recently completed her MFA at Hunter College. Park has had two solo exhibitions at Marginal Utility in Philadelphia.

Nicole Eisenman and David Humphrey
Nicole Eisenman 1
Heather Morgan by Samuel Jablon
Heather Morgan 1

Samuel Jablon speaks with artist Heather Morgan about scandalous women, female identity, and the “peculiar kind of intensity” that informs her work.

Dana Schutz by Mei Chin
Schutz05 Body

Dissection and dismemberment abound in Dana Schutz’s work, all offset by sunny colors and a pert sense of humor.

Kathleen Gilje by Mary Ellen Mark
Gilje 02

Portraiture is about many things: how the subject relates to the photographer or painter, and where the subject’s gaze lies.