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203574277 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 1

Doreen Garner. Onika, 2014. Glass, teeth, Swarovski crystals, hair weave, gold chain, polyester fiber, glitter, and petroleum jelly. All images courtesy of the artist. Photo by Doreen Garner.

248743407 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 2

Wet With Tissue, 2015. Platinum silicone, polyester fiber, spoon, letter opener, wire, and hair weave. Photo by Doreen Garner.

976705840 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 3

Mango, 2014. Glass, latex tubing, glass cabochons, pearls, Swarovski crystals, condoms, polyester fiber, pins, hair weave, and gold chains. Photo by Doreen Garner.

103680183 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 4

Hung, 2014. Latex condoms, tow truck chain, glass, pearls, hair weave, and polyester fiber. Photo by Forest Kelley.

116773988 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 5

Toothed Decatur, 2015. Glass, teeth, hair weave, magnifying lens, Swarovski crystals, metallic wrapping paper, pearls, condoms, polyester fiber, urethane rubber, brass screws, and wood stain. Photo by Rob Macinnis.

641108064 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 10

Pickled Pearl, 2015. Glass, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, baking bundts, silicone, brass pipe, plumbing tube, hair weave. Photo by Rob Macinnis.

117962524 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 7

Pickled Pearl (detail), 2015. Glass, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, baking bundts, silicone, brass pipe, plumbing tube, and hair weave. Photo by Rob Macinnis.

538367115 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 8

Swoop Band, 2013. Glass, Magnum condoms, hair weave, microcrystalline wax, latex, polyester fiber, and glitter. Photo by Doreen Garner.

758729778 09132015 Doreen Garner Bomb 9

Performance view of The Observatory, 2014. The artist displays herself inside a glass box, performing an oppositional gaze toward each viewer individually.

I identify, extract, and exploit the tissues that bind the sexual and the grotesque, specifically regarding the black female body. Treated as spectacle and disposable specimen, these women and their stories—Henrietta Lacks, Saartjie Baartman, the victims of Dr. J. Marion Sims—are a driving force. Identifying the voyeur as the subject, an oppositional gaze is directed towards fetish, objectification, and racism.

Take the power back, twist it, and sharpen it. Probe all cavities of the privileged viewer experience. With viscera and bling, a material mush is formulated of beads, Swarovski crystals, silicone, rubber, teeth, condoms, teddy bear stuffing, Vaseline, etc., held together by glass walls or latex membranes.

Doreen Garner (b.1986) is a Brooklyn-based artist born in Philadelphia, PA. Select exhibitions include “SHINY RED PUMPING,” Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (2015), “Abjection” at the Rhode Island College Bannister Gallery, Providence, RI (2014), and “Pussy Don’t Fail Me Now,” Cindy Rucker Gallery, NY (2015). Garner has recently completed residencies at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (2015) and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (2014). She holds a BFA in Glass from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and an MFA in Glass at the Rhode Island School of Design. Currently Garner is a 2015-2016 Artist in Residence at Abrons Arts Center, NY.

M. Lamar by Risa Puleo
M Lamar Bomb 1

“I am an artist. I am a NEGROGOTHIC, devil-worshipping, free black man in the blues tradition. Those are the things I am now.”

Kenya (Robinson) by Lee Ann Norman
Kenya (Robinson) 1

Kenya (Robinson) reflects on the end of her MFA program and becoming a professional artist.

Sanford Biggers by Terry Adkins
Sanford Biggers 01

Biggers has three shows this fall: an “introspective” at the Brooklyn Museum, a solo show at SculptureCenter, and an exploration of African diaspora imagery at MASS MoCA. He discusses lineage and American history with fellow artist Terry Adkins.