Portfolio by Angelo Plessas

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood

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All images from The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood gatherings in Greece, Mexico, and Israel, 2012-2014. Courtesy of the artist.

Manifesto for the 4th edition of The Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood, starting July 6, 2015 at Malaspina Castle, Northern Tuscany.

Angelo Plessas is a Greek-Italian artist based in Athens. His activities range widely—from performances to artist retreats; from sculptures, installations, and books to interactive websites (more than sixty since 2000); from “Robot Poetry” to “Mirage Machines”; and from live-stream events to numerous collaborative projects. For the last four years, he has organized annual, weeklong gatherings of The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood.

14 Person Poem by Jeff Dolven
14 Person Poem Bomb 2

Incorporating poems by Maureen McLane, Dorothea von Moltke, Geoffrey Nutter, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Sal Randolph, Mónica de la Torre, and Monica Youn

One Poem by She Who Has No Master(s)
275909671 05312017 She Who Has No Masters Bomb 6
from The Manhattan Project by László Krasznahorkai
614922369 03272017 Laszlo Krasznahorkai Ornan Rotem Bomb 01

I sat at the bar of the Zwiebelfisch in Berlin together with David Bell, the renowned Kant scholar; it happened to be one of his regular haunts and it was the only spot where we could have an undisturbed meeting whenever he was in Berlin.