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Patrick Goddard (b.1984/UK) is an artist working in East London, completing an MFA at Goldsmiths University in 2011. Recent works have taken the form of video, publication, performance, and installation, exploring politically loaded issues whilst attempting to avoid the platitudes of didactic simplification. Saturated with a sense of pathos, narratives undermine themselves with a self-defeating humor, playfully calling into question the authority of the narrator and through this, the artist.Recent solo shows include: Revolver II, Matt’s Gallery, London, November–December 2014; and Gone to Croatan, OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich, May 2015. Recent group shows include, Fig2 with The White Review at ICA, London, April 2015; Objective Considerations of Contemporary Phenomena at M.O.T. International Projects, London, December–February 2015; and IV Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June–August 2014. Recent performances have taken place at Matt’s Gallery, June 2014; Wysing Arts Centre, June 2014; French Riviera, January 2015; and Grand Union, March 2015. His debut graphic novel, Operation Paperclip, was launched at Matt’s Gallery, London, in June 2014.

“O my body, make of me always a man who questions!”: Shikeith Interviewed by Jessica Lanay
An video still image of the face of a Black man covered in sweat while lying on the floor.

Photography, sculpture, installation, and performance that illuminate Black queer experience.

Generating Friction: Jamie Crewe Interviewed by Caroline Elbaor
A collage featuring text a woman's resting head and crossing orange lines titled, An amalgam, by Jamie Crewe

Depicting the complicated, conflicting, and ambivalent parts of transgender experience.

Failure as Protest: Tala Madani Interviewed by Gwen Burlington
A painting of a excremental human figure draped across a long table titled, Shit Mom (Feedback), by Tala Madani

Paintings that challenge received behaviors.