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BOMB 138 Winter 2017
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But translated by anonymous I, 2016, color photograph. Images courtesy of the artist.

In memoriam: Marwan Kassab Bachi (1934–2016).

Kassab Bachi, one of the most prolific Arab painters, has never exhibited in the Arts Club of Chicago. Yet three of his drawings were found on the backs of three framed artworks in the club’s storage. It remains unclear whether these were drawn by Marwan himself or by an anonymous friend, admirer, backer, critic, defamer, or other.

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But translated by anonymous II, 2016, color photograph.

Cameron Rowland by Ian Edward Wallace
Rowland Cameron 01
Mike Wallace by Phillip Lopate
Mike Wallace 02

In advance of the next installment of his extensive history of New York City, Wallace expounds on the pivotal early years of the twentieth century.

Karyn Olivier by Michelle Lopez
Fortified 02

At the heart of Olivier’s sculptural inquiry is the fate of our existing and future monuments. How can they teach, and change us?

Archive and Place: William Camargo Interviewed by Kim Beil
As Far As I Can Get William Camargo1

Photographing hidden and alternative histories.

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BOMB 138, Winter 2017

Featuring interviews with Lynda Benglis, Roe Ethridge, Becca Blackwell, Antonio Campos, Robert Greene, Angie Keefer, Liz Magic Laser, Laura Kurgan, China Miéville, Michael Palmer, and Rosmarie Waldrop.

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BOMB 138 Cover