Portfolio by Candice Jacobs

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

Dumbed down by Pina Coladas & Palm Trees.

Laziness becomes consumption, and consumption in turn becomes work

Boredom epitomizes the dilemma of the autonomous modern subject, linking existential questions to the experience of empty, meaningless time

We are surrounded by the conspicuousness of consumption & affluence, established by the multiplication of objects, services & material goods

We live in a myriad of authentic manufactured experiences

The feminine is equated with a refusal of linear time and directionality, an expression of cyclicity

Others will say you are too idealistic

Dumbed down by pina coladas and palm trees

A facade of culture as consumption, using marketing strategies to support the economy through tourism

Why not think big?

Enjoy a Starbucks at The Holiday Inn

It is hard to try and stop and draw breath

You don’t give yourself enough credit

We may as well relax

Why settle for second best?

This month is a time to be decisive and clear

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Nottingham and London–based Jacobs employs a wide range of media to create works that explore value and utility; hospitality, charisma, and simulation; and obedience, power, and infantalisation through the emulation and simulation of language and cognition. Dumbed Down By Pina Coladas & Palm Trees combines a broken down image taken while shooting the video This Is Your New Reality with statements taken from her Twitter feed that also feature as affirmations in Fortune, a participatory sculpture.

Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include INHALE, Project Number, London (solo); EXHALE, Cactus, Liverpool (solo); Trance & Tranquility, SYSON in association with Nottingham Contemporary & Open Barbers, a one day only event, Nottingham; I Dunno Shit, Rogue Artists Studios, Manchester; COCKTAIL III, Karst, Plymouth, and Bristol; Foam, P/N project space, London; Spike Island, Bristol; Banner Repeater, London; AND/OR, London; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; One Thoresby Street, Nottingham; (2013) WORK BITCH, Standpoint Gallery, London (solo); Emergency 6, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth; Pleasure Voyage, SYSON, Nottingham (solo); Il Bardo di Timperley, Bubblebyte.org as part of Art Licks, London; COCKTAIL II, The Space, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (co-curated project & closing event to The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, curated by Mark Leckey). For more information on her work please visit: http://www.meaningfulmeaningle…

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“How do you draw information out if you aren’t involved and in love with it.”