Portfolio by Jens Fänge

BOMB 129 Fall 2014
BOMB 129

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Fange 01

Liten Pjäs Om Natten, 2013, assemblage: oil, vinyl, textile on panel, 67.3 × 47.8 × 2.3 inches. Images courtesy of the artist and Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden.

Fange 02

Våren, 2013, oil on linen, 55.7 × 39.4 inches.

Fange 03

Brass, 2013, assemblage: oil, vinyl, and textile on panel, 53.5 × 34.2 × 2.3 inches.

Fange 04

Liten Pjäs För Fyra, 2013, assemblage: oil, vinyl, textile, wood on panel, 56.7 × 36.2 × 2.2 inches.

Portfolio by Jonathan VanDyke
Jonathan Vandyke Bomb 1
Nina Katchadourian by Mónica de la Torre​
Katchadourian Nina 01

Embracing boredom and creative constraints, Katchadourian tells of in-flight artwork and other conceptual projects.

On the Clock with Amanda Ross-Ho by John Yau
Amanda Ross Ho 01

The gallery as studio.

Portfolio by David Gilbert
Gilbert Email 0637

Suburban sprawl and craft-store spree meet creeping apocalyptic bleakness.

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BOMB 129, Fall 2014

Featuring interviews with Moyra Davey, James Hoff, Claudia Rankine, Matthew Weinstein, Ben Lerner and Ariana Reines, Valeria Luiselli, Tyondai Braxton, and Nicole Cherubini.

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