Portfolio by Horst Ademeit

BOMB 122 Winter 2013
BOMB 122

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

Horst Ademeit 01

Horst Ademeit (1937-2001, Germany). Untitled observation photos, worked over polaroids, 3 1/2 × 4 1/3 inches. All images courtesy of Galerie Susanne Zander, Cologne, Germany.

Discovered shortly before his death, Ademeit’s work is composed of photographs and annotations that tell the story of an individual undergoing an emotional crisis and attempting to establish a sense of order in a world that he considered to be chaotic. Obsessed with documenting the impact of what he believed to be harmful invisible rays capable of endangering life on Earth, the artist used a Polaroid camera to record his daily movements. The resulting photographs are accompanied by notes on the place, the situation, or the objects portrayed.

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Portfolio by Martha Rosler
Rosler Bomb 1
James Hoff by Eli Keszler

For Hoff, distribution networks serve as creative agents. Musician Eli Keszler queries the artist and publisher of Primary Information on paintings based on viruses and syndromes, and also on his pop-leaning sound works.

Poetry and the Photo: Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb’s Slant Rhymes by Michael Juliani
Slant Rhymes 1

Chroniclers of restless wanderlust. 

Portfolio by Renee Gladman
Gladman Portfolio 01

Renee Gladman is the author of ten works of prose and poetry, most recently Calamities, a collection of essay-fictions. Her first monograph of drawings, Prose Architectures, was published by Wave Books in 2017. She lives in New England with the poet-ceremonialist Danielle Vogel.

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BOMB 122, Winter 2013

Featuring interviews with David Lang, Oscar Murillo, Rude Mechanicals, Cristian Mungiu, Mark Z. Danielewski, Fanny Howe, Alix Pearlstein, and Tony Feher.

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