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BOMB 121 Fall 2012
BOMB 121

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​Anne Gilman 01

Anne Gilman, detail from Desabotonar/deshacer (to undo), 2011. All images from the series Observations, errors, + corrections, pencil, ink, graphite, and paint on paper, 96 × 60 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

“Observations, errors, + corrections” is a series of drawings I began in 2009 based on observations of the environments or situations I find myself in. The text is in Spanish and English and is written directly in the drawing as I work. As I continue drawing, I cover sections of text with graphite or colored pencil because I decide they are irrelevant, nor succinct enough, or too personal. The covered areas create randomly formed shapes based on the editing process.

​Anne Gilman 02

Anne Gilman, detail from Desabotonar/deshacer (to undo), 2011.

​Anne Gilman 03

Anne Gilman, Sticks and Stones, 2012.

​Anne Gilman 04

Anne Gilman, detail from Black Ice, 2012.

​Anne Gilman 05

Anne Gilman, detail from Desabotonar/deshacer (to undo), 2011.

Sadie Benning by Lia Gangitano
Benning Bomb 01
A.G. Porta by Margaret Hooks
​A.G. Porta​

The Catalan author of The No World Concerto talks about his early collaborations with Roberto Bolaño and the slew of novels that followed a lengthy hiatus from writing.

Three Stories by Eduard Màrquez

With the intention of writing another of those works that belong to the ineffable category of the latest literary revelations, Nonici Murla brushes everything aside and begins to toil without interruption on his first book, a novelized biography of Gottfried von Gennrich, sorcerer in the service of Henri I, ”The Fowler.”

Enrique Vila-Matas (en español) by Lina Meruane
Vila Matas 01

Read the Original Spanish language text de esta conversation.

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