Portfolio by Bjorn Copeland

BOMB 118 Winter 2012
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​Bjorn Copeland 1

Bjorn Copeland, Manoman, 2009, collage on paper, 27½ x 19¾”. Courtesy of the artist.

​Bjorn Copeland 02

Bjorn Copeland, Keep Off Grass, 2009, collage on paper, 8×14”. Courtesy of the artist.

​Bjorn Copeland 03

Bjorn Copeland, Color Grid, 2009, collage on paper, 14×10”. Courtesy of the artist.

Studio Visit: Bjorn Copeland
Portfolio by Adam Pendleton
Adam Pendleton Bomb 11

Black Dada, System of Display

Eldzier Cortor by Terry Carbone
Cortor Bomb 1

“I’m fighting between control and letting nature take its course.”

Gerald Jackson by Stanley Whitney
Gerald Jackson

“It turns out making art was the best idea [for me]. My mother’s idea was good because it got me started. She said, ‘Look, you are skinny; you are little. You can’t hang out with your daddy and them big guys.’”

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BOMB 118, Winter 2012

Featuring interviews with Jimmie Durham, John Miller, Suzanne McClelland and Barry Schwabsky, Paul La Farge and Peter Orner, Yang Fudong, and Radiohole.

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