Polaroids by Mark Magill

BOMB 2 Winter 1982
002 Fall 1982

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2 Magill 1 Body

Polaroids. All images by Mark Magill.

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Portfolio by Adelita Husni Bey
Portfolio by Horst Ademeit
Horst Ademeit 01

Discovered shortly before his death, Ademeit’s work is composed of photographs and annotations that tell the story of an individual undergoing an emotional crisis and attempting to establish a sense of order in a world that he considered to be chaotic.

Rocks and Gravel: Light Industry by Alex Zafiris
Ed   Thomas Duo  300Dpi  Braden King 2012 Body

Alex Zafiris talks to Light Industry’s Ed Halter and Thomas Beard about their groundbreaking venue for film and electronic art and curating the film and video program at the Whitney Biennial.

Self Portraits from the series For Whom the Bell’s Told by ​Bruce Cratsley
 Bruce Cratsley, Self Portraits from the series For Whom the Bell's Told, 1984–5, color polaroids SX70. Courtesy of Witkin Gallery.

Series of color polaroids of the photographer, Self Portraits from the series For Whom the Bell’s Told, by Bruce Cratsley. 

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BOMB 2, Winter 1982

Tim Burns & Jim Jarmusch, ABC No Rio, Charles Ludlam & Christopher Scott, Jacki Ochs, Michael Smith, Mirielle Cervenka, Gary Indiana, Sonia Delauney, and Phillipe Demontaut.

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002 Fall 1982