Poetry Out Loud: Volumes 1-10 by Chris Mann

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BOMB 120 Summer 2012
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Poetry out loud

Cover of Poetry Out Loud, no. 8. Courtesy of De Stijl Records.

De Stijl Records, 2012

Poetry Out Loud, a series of ten LPs released between 1969 and 1977 as a magazine of oral poetry, has been recently rereleased digitally by De Stijl Records. The driving forces behind Poetry Out Loud were Peter and Patricia B. McGarry, from Topeka, Kansas, and Klyd and Linda Watkins, from Nashville. Together they swapped typewriters for tape recorders to take poetry off the page and return it to its origins within the oral tradition.

What follows is a response to Poetry Out Loud by Chris Mann, titled “on the technology of self criticism.”

and as any this forgets its nAme, and as relations Metaphors, you know that which is connected Wired tO, Whatever, Else, is the Negation or wormhole thrOugh time (which is of course part of the problem of science, this bleeding wish for repetition) .. Numbers but, are grEat. theyre viral And they repeat. theyre like an attempt to construct an Artificial name (or, plAce, (not however to be confused with wOrds which come a whole lot local lAter, you know, words as the minimalists ofIts like Attention. you know, as a model of Data. which is interesting, coz it thinks of the witness as a Glitch. (which is not the model hole through Of, not the model Of .. its more like, Articulating the witness .. and so while symmetry is at least superfIcially efficient (actually the word should be Economic, but superficially effIcient sounds def better.

(the smudge from Listening, to, Strategy (or, Performing agreement as an Event, (the word And is psychotic (But is mere neurotic, ( .. though And has an admittedly false memory of being useful (round the house and stuff, ( .. it would of course be seriously happier if Truth were more neurotic .. and you think the fActs are sadistic? just you wait on the bAckstory (, though as something else is living This story (i mean its only the Story thats actually repressed ( .. you know, as if psychosis was succEssful neurosis. (the work of art on the other hand is always and Invariably paranoid, which is probably why it lends itself so easily to manners. ( .. as if insanity was just the labor intensive doubleorquits measure of Irony. i mean youd be hard put to argue that facts arent all hypochOndriacs, let lone that And while theres a bunch of words is merely petulant, its the Self harmers that (you know, the ones more invested in silence than I mean gOds a fucking SelfHarmer so (though agreement here would be blasphemous and hardly diagnostic.

.. this sentence is here as a celebration of the end times. its also mildly catatonic having been caught full in the glare of But .. i mean a midwest stereo headphones by a couple sets of lovers sounds like the plot of perfect lives, no?

Chris Mann’s standard bio reads: “language is the mechanism whereby you understand what i’m thinking better than i do (where i is defined by those changes for which i is required).”

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BOMB 120, Summer 2012

Featuring interviews with Susan Meiselas and Danny Lyon, Tom Murphy, Cass McCombs and Ariel Pink, Blake Butler and Brian Evenson, John Newman and B. Wurtz, Ralph Lemon and John Hannaham, Eija-Liisa Ahtila and Cary Wolfe, and Wayne Koestenbaum.

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Issue 120 Bombsite Cover120 548