Poems from Opuscula by Craig Dworkin

BOMB 117 Fall 2011
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we pain you,
all the more


Rowdy Loud Locals

rout of louts by dint of low clouds all around



clearly loud under there


Fat Albert

hey hey hey

lemon yellow pee


She’s a Fountain

trumpeting around the spray
that way behind the curtain

honking and donkeying about


Bad Western

freak injury from cattle teeth



singings a-
long to her
name is Rio


Sold Out

actually irresponsible

indispensable actually

about the one thing

I wasn’t sure about



his stereo


its very own

finely wound


sounded room


To Warm This View

Cuernavaca, Cuernavaca


Acquisition of Languish

foreign particulates stag
-nated on thy tongue

Craig Dworkin is the author of Strand (Roof Books, 2005), Parse (Atelos, 2008), The Perverse Library (Information As Material, 2010), and Motes (Roof Books, 2011). Among his edited collections are The Sound of Poetry/The Poetry of Sound, with Marjorie Perloff (Chicago, 2009), and Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, with Kenneth Goldsmith (Northwestern, 2011). He teaches art and literature at the University of Utah, where he also curates the Eclipse archive.

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Originally published in

BOMB 117, Fall 2011

Featuring interviews with Clifford Owens, Eve Sussman, Lisa Yuskavage, Sanford Biggers, Geoff Dyer, Kenneth Goldsmith, Neil Michael Hagerty, and Peter Eisenman.

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Issue 117  Front  Cover  Bomb117 Body