Philip Glass Interviews Tania León

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This BOMB podcast co-produced with 651 ARTS is a conversation between composers Tania León, and Philip Glass. This event was recorded live at The James and Martha Duffy Performance Space at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn on February 8, 2011, as part of 651 ARTS’ LIVE & OUTSPOKEN series. It is the mission of 651 ARTS to deepen awareness of and appreciation for contemporary performing arts and culture of the African Diaspora and to provide professional and creative opportunities for performing artists of African descent. Visit for more information.

Ronald K. Brown and Sonia Sanchez at 651 Arts
Frantz Casseus by Marc Ribot
​Frantz Casseus 01

Haitian classical guitarist Frantz Casseus came to New York with the ambition to compose a distinct music, fusing the European classical tradition with Haitian folk elements.

Harbingers of a New World: Nia Witherspoon Interviewed by Ivan Talijancic

Holding contemporary tragedies within sacred diasporic stories.

Odili Donald Odita by Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi
Od19 010 Flower Hr

For BOMB’s Oral History Project, Odita, known for his geometric paintings, recalls growing up as a refugee from the Nigerian Civil War and the influence of his father, a historian of African art.