Perfuming the Sultan’s Bed Chamber by Jeff Perrone

BOMB 29 Fall 1989

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Jeff Perrone Body

Jeff Perrone, Perfuming the Sultan’s Bed Chamber, 1988, glazed earthenware, four parts, 10¼ × 16 × 5 inches. Courtesy of Charles Cowles Gallery.

Toni Ross by Jean Pagliuso
Toni Ross 1
Heads by Yves Oppenheim
Yves Oppenheim Bomb 14

Two terracotta sculptures of heads, Heads by Yves Oppenheim.

Four Works by Andrew Lord
Bomb 13 Lord 001 Body

Two drawings, Working Drawing and Jug and Dish, and two earthenware jug and dish sets by Andrew Lord.

Madonna and Child by Alan Belcher
Alan Belcher 001

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BOMB 29, Fall 1989
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