Patina du Prey Posing in Poland by Hunter Reynolds

BOMB 41 Fall 1992
Issue 41 041  Fall 1992

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41 Reynolds Body

Hunter Reynolds, Patina du Prey Posing in Poland, May 1991, performance and installation. Galeria Dziekanka, Warszawa, Poland. Photo by Tadeusz Rolke.

Beach Chair With Wings by Carol Jacque
41 Jacque Body
Rafa Esparza by Clara López Menéndez
Esparza Bomb 3

What a brick can do.

Portfolio by Baseera Khan
199068696 06072016 Khan Bomb 1

“One actively is olived, one actively becomes a desired color, desired manufactured ethnicity.”

Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz by Risa Puleo
Boudry Lorenz Bomb 3

“We insist on repeating moments of liberation, as a kind of sustainable practice.”

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BOMB 41, Fall 1992

Featuring interviews with Richard Tuttle, Television, Anna Deveare Smith, Jessica Stockholder, YoYo, Donna Tartt, Gregg Araki, Ron Vawter, Lillian Lee, Fabian Marcaccio, and Robbie McCauley.

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Issue 41 041  Fall 1992