Paper Clip #33

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Part of the Paper Clip series.


“So Stoked 4 Whatever,” Photo taken by Stella Lochman

1. Poet Brandon Brown began a series for the SFMOMA in which nine writers are asked “What is the contemporary.” The first post, by Frances Richard, went up this week. Last year, Brown engaged in a series of conversations for BOMB.

2. A great documentary on jazz musician Don Cherry was posted on YouTube in its entirety.

Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson

3. CWILA (Canadian Women in the Literary Arts) posted an interview with writer Lisa Robertson in which she said “I can no longer afford to live in cities.”


Caravaggio, St. Jerome Writing, c.1606

4. Mute magazine published an essay on black, and whether it is a thing, by scholar Eugene Thacker.

Nomi Bowie Arias

Klaus Nomi with David Bowie and Joey Arias on Saturday Night Live

5. Writer Andrew Durbin wrote an essay commemorating the 30th anniversary of the death of Klaus Nomi for the Visual AIDS Blog.

Steve Buscemi by Quentin Tarantino
Steve Buscemi 01
Douglas Crimp’s Dance Dance Film Essays by Rosalyn Deutsche
Triciabrown Ber4610 Copy

At some point in the late ’70s, when Douglas Crimp and I were art history doctoral students at the Graduate Center, CUNY, he invited me to the ballet.

Life Before Death: John Bruce and Pawel Wojtasik Interviewed by Nicholas Elliott
End Of Life Sarah Grossman

The filmmakers take an unexpected approach to documenting people in the final stage of life.

Tour by Klaus Kertess

The story’s “contents” are spun from actual events: in August 1973, Klaus flies to Los Angeles to meet his then-partner, Lynda Benglis (referred to as “Her”), who was to drive cross-country with him back to New York. Instead, he drives back alone, lost in a disputatious reverie circling around language, Gertrude Stein, modernist literature, mapmaking, and the act of writing.