Paper Clip #32 by Jacob Forrest Severn

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Part of the Paper Clip series.

Day One

1. Online journal and independent publisher NAP began an online program called How to be Sincere in Your Poetry Workshop, directed by poet Roberto Montes, via their free online experimental university. Classes are in their third week, but there’s time to catch up.

​Miguel Gomes

Miguel Gomes. All images courtesy of Adopt Films.

2. Filmmaker Miguel Gomes wrote an op-ed piece on the current state of Portuguese cinema for The Flickering Wall. Gomes talked to Giovanni Marchini Camia for BOMB, about his film Tabu, last December.

3. Digital artist David (Jhave) Johnston talked to poet, translator and researcher John Cayley about the effects of Google on language and poetics.

​Cat Mask at Huggie Temple by Desert HeatDesert​

Cat Mask at Huggie Temple by Desert HeatDesert

4. Desert Heat, trio of Steve Gunn, John Truscinski and Cian Nugent, released Cat Mask at Huggie Temple, a 12-minute hypnotic blend of folk, psych, and beyond. Last July, Gunn talked to Gary Canino for BOMB.


Andreas Vesalius, from De humani corporis fabrica libri septem, 1543

5. Triple Canopy published a brief investigation into visual representations of the human brain.

Mind Over Mirrors by Steve Gunn
Mind Over Mirrors 1
Hans Magnus Enzensberger by Tracy K. Smith
Ezensberger Smith 1

Poets Enzensberger and Smith discuss politically engaged writing and their fondness for flops. Smith won a 2012 Pulitzer Prize for her collection, Life on Mars.

A Coherent Organism of Cravings and Fears: Daniel Tiffany Interviewed by Madison McCartha
Cry Baby Mystic by Daniel Tiffany

When spectral voices, across time and place, meet in poetry.

One Poem by Harry Mathews
Head of Eros from Shakespeare's Sonnets 1883

What about this? Across Syrian sands the wham of Nebuchadnezzar’s / canonical trumpets presaged an unlikely partner