Paper Clip #25 by Tyler Curtis

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1. Anne F. Garréta was the third woman appointed to Oulipo, and the first born after the group’s foundation in 1960. In 2006, Garréta spoke on the mathematical probability and potentielle of an all-woman takeover of the group, translated by Drunken Boat’s Jean-Jacques Poucel.

Beals + Lyon Architects

The Garden of Forking Paths, 2013. Beals + Lyon Architects.

2. The Chilean architecture studio, Beals + Lyon, won PS1’s YAP-CONSTRUCTO last year. Their project, The Garden of Forking Paths, was inspired by the labyrinth in the garden in Versailles.

bresson 01

3. Writer Joe Fassler interviewed David Foster Wallace’s editor Michael Pietsch on compiling, and making publishable, Wallace’s notes on his unfinished novel, The Pale King.

4. Published in a 1977 issue of Film Comment, filmmaker Paul Schrader spoke with Robert Bresson on his then-current project, The Devil, Probably, and the interpretive dissonance between artists and their critics.

A Panacea for Anti-Intellectualism: Martin Amis’s The Rub of Time by Ryan Chapman
Amis Rub Of Time 2

A new collection of criticism and reportage considers Trump, Bellow, and the pleasures of close reading.

Hari Kunzru and Sjón
Hari Kunzru and Sjón. Photograph at left © Clayton Cubitt and at right © Dagur Gunnarsson.

Ghost stories, paganism, the blues, and silent cinema are just some of the fixations of two authors known for novels steeped in history.

Craft Talk Nobody Asked For by Justin Taylor
Albert Henry Arden

One of my favorite books of short fiction from the last few years is Sam Lipsyte’s The Fun Parts. I often assign stories from it in my workshops and have been waiting for an opportunity to teach the whole collection.