Paper Clip #20 by Tyler Curtis

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Part of the Paper Clip series.

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

1. The Seventh Art conducted an interview with filmmaker Matías Piñeiro (featured in BOMB’s Summer Issue, on newsstands now), at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Giving Birth to a Joke, 1956. Kansuke Yamamoto.

2. milk magazine posted an article by John Solt, “Perception, Misperception, Nonperception,”in which he frames photographer and poet Kansuke Yamamoto’s work within the history of Japanese Surrealism, as well as its dialogue with, and deviations from, its European lineage. Solt’s piece originally featured in the exhibit catalogue for “Yamamoto Kansuke: Conveyor of the Impossible” at Tokyo Station Gallery in 2001.

Yamamoto’s work is currently showing at the Getty Center exhibition, “Japan’s Modern Divide: The Photographs of Hiroshi Hamaya and Kansuke Yamamoto”, which runs through August 25.

3. Over at the Hypocrite Reader, Caroline Lemak Brickman examines the task of the translator, Nabokov’s English renderings of Pushkin, and how a translation can “simultaneously be itself, be another text, and be about that other text.”

Still from This Is My Land, 2006. Ben Rivers.

4. Light Industry’s Ed Halter interviewed artist Ben Rivers about landscape imagery, 16mm, and his film, Slow Action (2010).

MoMA PS1 will screen Slow Action” on June 28 as part of their Ben Rivers and Ben Russell-curated series, “A Spell to Ward Off Darkness,” for “Expo 1: New York”.

History of the Main Complaint, 1996. William Kentridge.

5. The Quarterly Conversation’s Jessica Gordon-Burroughs translated Sergio Chejfec’s essay, “What Comes Next”, on the advent of immaterial writing, and its capacity for transforming his relationship to his work.

Indeterminate Locations by Chris Cumming
New York Diary by Édouard Louis
Edouardlouis 01

The French writer Édouard Louis recorded his days in New York, around the time of the American release of his novel The End of Eddy. The following entries originally appeared in French in the June 6, 2017, edition of Les Inrockuptibles.

Italy, Two Ways: Jessie Chaffee and Minna Zallman Proctor
Jessie Chaffee and Minna Zallman Proctor

“There’s often a gap between what we’re trying to say and what we are able to say. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I fail. Sometimes it’s painful and sometimes I get into that space where it feels right. That’s the high.”

A Punch in 4/4 Time by Valerie Tevere & Angel Nevarez
110705131 03272017 Angel Nevarez And Valerie Tevere Bomb 01

On the day of POTUS 45’s inauguration, alt-right front man Richard Spencer was punched in the face during an interview for Australian television.