Pair Object II by Roni Horn

BOMB 22 Winter 1988
022 Winter 1988

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22 Horn Body

Roni Horn, Installation view of Pair Object II (Spheres),1987, solid machined copper spheres, 10 ½ inches diameter. Collection of Erik Mosel. Courtesy of Galerie Lelong, New York.

Spirits of Manhattan by Kathleen White
Kathleen White 01 Bomb 060
The Magic Flute Back Stage by Karen Kilimnik
46 Kilimnik 01 Body
Erasure Series by Gary Simmons
Gary Simmons 01 Bomb 040

Two wall drawings, from the Erasure Series, by Gary Simmons.

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BOMB 22, Winter 1988

Robert Mapplethorpe by Gary Indiana, Nancy Lemann, Mike Kelley, Gary Stevens, Gleb Panfilov, Brice Marden by Saul Ostrow, and Rose English.

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022 Winter 1988