Painting to Order by Lucio Pozzi

BOMB 27 Spring 1989

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Pozzi 14 15 Body

Lucio Pozzi, Painting to Order, 1987, advertisement, 15 × 21½ inches. © 1987 by Lucio Pozzi.

Two Works by Lucio Pozzi
Lucio Pozzi1 Body
Double-Num Wall Tattoo by Gretchen Faust
38 Faust 01 Body

Pattern and instructions for a “wall tattoo,” titled Double-Num Wall Tattoo, by Gretchen Faust.

Untitled Drawing by Allan McCollum
Allan Mccollum Bomb 32

Artwork by Allan McCollum, 1988–90, pencil, 14 × 9½ inches. 

Sculptured Activites by Barry Le Va
28 Leva Body

A painting of ink and spray paint, cut and glued to ink on paper, titled Sculptured Activites, by American sculptor Barry Le Va.

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BOMB 27, Spring 1989
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