Outspoken: Con Artist Madoff Collects Mark Kostabi Paintings by Kelly Devine Thomas

Kelly Devine Thomas on the stranger sides of Google, and the unlikely combination of Bernie Madoff and Mark Kostabi.

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Conartist Body

It’s funny what you can discover by Googling the search engine terms that lead people to your website. I was intrigued by this one the other day: Madoff collects Mark Kostabi paintings, which would be kind of hilarious if true (I didn’t see anything to suggest it is). Aside from spawning a seemingly appropriate acronym (BS: Best Search) and possibly a regular feature on artlovesmoney.com, I snagged these interesting bits of info for you:

National Disintegrations by Braden King
Braden King Freeport 01

Art and exchange in extraterritorial territories

Angie Keefer and Liz Magic Laser
Angie Keefer Bomb 01

Two interdisciplinary artists tackle the analogies between artistic, moral, and monetary value.

Institutional Collusion: Merlin Carpenter and Cologne’s “Non-Productive Attitude” by David Everitt Howe

It’s very tricky, if not kind of futile, to criticize the work of Merlin Carpenter; he does it for you before you’ve even had the chance, calling his art “crap political work.”