ONandOnScreen: Chimes at Midnight by Cedar Sigo

BOMB Magazine is pleased to feature selections from ONandOnScreen’s summer issue. Each week BOMBlog will showcase poems and video pairings from the Summer 2011 issue of ONandOnScreen, an e-journal project matching poems and videos. This week’s pairing features poetry by Cedar Sigo and a video by David Enos.

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“Hidden Host,” by David Enos

Screenshot from “Hidden Host,” by David Enos

Watch the video here.

Chimes at Midnight

Jim is well into his beard and bloated second life

Standing in the south of France, bottle of XXX in hand

A tiny fang-like castle (drawbridge) in the distance

The road goes out to the faintly white sky

Like cells of animation set apart

Snow-globes, lava, asteroids, Oklahoma!

Wavering through stained glass grade school science films

The tinting done by hand and shipped back by barge through the tenderloin

People are normally terrible at retelling dreams

My mind wanders out like a light,

The last straw, missing the point, happily ever after

Right handed but writing with the left

(12 months in the tunnels)

Good storyboard practice (pasting) for the films

Colors on lock, the overlaid music of the leading figure feels unlocked

Offered as entrance, willingly warped

Like levels in the coliseum

Video games, epic poetry, get money!

About ONandOnScreen:

ONandOnScreen is poems + videos. Here videos are linked with poems and poems with videos in a shared space, widening the spectrum and essential strangeness of each. ONandOnScreen is a conversation between moving words and moving images, on and on. —From ONandOnScreen.net

Cedar Sigo is 33 years old. His books include Selected WritingsExpensive MagicSlivers and most recently Stranger In Town (City Lights, 2010). He lives in San Francisco.

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