Olinda-Celeste by Lucia Koch

BOMB 102 Winter 2008
102 Winter 2008 Body
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Still from Olinda-Celeste, 2005, animation, 5 minutes 25 seconds. Courtesy of the artist.

Koch’s photomontages that recombine images of facade tiles are a good example of the way in which the problems are faced: the animation Olinda-Celeste (a collaboration with the Peruvian artist Gabriel Acevedo Velarde), based on pictures of tiles found at the historical city of Olinda, simulates a camera moving along them in an apparently predictable way. But the alleged camera’s movements don’t converge on a logical axis. On the contrary, we perceive the surface as discontinuous: backtracking, for instance, takes us not back to what we had just seen but to an unfamiliar pattern. And the patterns that were visible in a certain area a moment ago reappear in unlikely places. We find ourselves frustrated for the lack of a narrative sense in the animation.

— from BOMB ’s Artists on Artists feature on Lucia Koch by Mário RamiroWinter 2008, issue #102

Lucia Koch, Olinda Celeste, 2005 from Christopher Grimes Gallery on Vimeo.

Lucia Koch by Mário Ramiro
Lucia Koch 01
Pedro Reyes by Tatiana Cuevas
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Pedro Reyes works within a complex system of associations that defies our assumptions about the ways in which knowledge is categorized and legitimized. 

Alienation and the Itinerary by Georgia Marsh
Alienation And The Itinerary Body
An Artist-Driven Video Channel: Passing-Time Reviewed by Addis Goldman
Brook Hsu And John Garcia Passing Time1

Art online during COVID-19.

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BOMB 102, Winter 2008

Featuring interviews with the Campana Brothers, Cao Guimaraes and Marila Dardot, Ernesto Neto, OsGemeos, Bernardo Carvalho, Francisco Alvim, Lygia Fagundes Telles and Manuel Alegre, Karim Ainouz, Arnaldo Antunes, and Paulo Mendes Da Rocha.

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102 Winter 2008 Body