Not-not Architecture: L’Architecture Brut by Andrew MacNair

BOMB 39 Spring 1992
Issue 39 039  Spring 1992

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39 Schubert 01 Body

Marcus Schubert, La Frenouse, Cosse-Le-Vivien, France, 1987.

Travel yields an unpredictable map no matter how well the itinerary is charted in advance. The time and space of travel offers a suspended dimension defying traditional definitions of self, path, destination. The idea of home and away become synonymous.

So, too, the quest of the photographer Marcus Schubert, who lives in Toronto but works around the world, yields a Jungian map of the accidental tourist who seeks and finds unknown architectures to catalogue the obscure, the bizarre, the unreal. His photography celebrates the pathos of an architecture brut, which goes beyond folk and ethnic building cultures, toward an interior mind and eye of the archetype, the subconscious, the hallucinatory and delirious, and, sometimes, schizophrenic and psychotic worlds.

—Andrew MacNair

39 Schubert 02 Body

Marcus Schubert, Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle, Homestead, Florida, 1988.

39 Schubert 03 Body

Marcus Schubert, La Maison Pique-Assiette (Inner Courtyard), Chartres, France, 1987.

39 Schubert 04 Body

Marcus Schubert, Ferdinand Cheval’s Palais Ideal (Detail: Three Sisters), Hauterives, France, 1987.

39 Schubert 05 Body

Marcus Schubert, Yard Portrait of Billy Lemming, Trion, Georgia, 1986.

39 Schubert 06 Body

Marcus Schubert, 1045 Horsepower Car, Los Gatos, California, 1987.

Luis Molina-Pantin's Narco-Architecture and its Contributions to the Community by Nick Stillman
Luis Molina Pantin 01 Bomb 110
Nutsy’s by Tom Sachs
235736150 08072015 Tom Sachs Nutsy S Bomb 083
Renovation by Rocky Schenck
35 Schenk 1 Homepage

Photograph titled Renovation by Rocky Schenck.

The Saints by Forrest Bess
Forrest Bess Bomb 11

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BOMB 39, Spring 1992

Featuring interviews with Terry Winters, Sheila Bosworth, Larry Fishburne, Adam Fuss, Tom DiCillo, Kim Wozencraft, Marcus Schubert, Emma Tennant, Todd Graff, Hedda Sterne, and Cucaracha Theatre.

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Issue 39 039  Spring 1992