Nosotros Necesitamos Zapatos Para Zapatistas by Federico Perez

BOMB 59 Spring 1997
Issue 59 059  Spring 1997

They walk to the square on brown and green feet
to find honest men among the criminals (masquerading politicians)
with abuelas raped by the system (savaging
the soil that holds the old souls of warriors)
who still would die to kill conquistadores.

A Vindication of Hypnosis by Sergio Pitol
Emily Gordon, Fiori rosa, fiori di pesco
The Self Is a Fiction: Jenny Xie Interviewed by Mariam Rahmani
Green Cityscape Banner

The poet on the politics of the gaze, the migratory act of reading, the anxiety of bilingualism, and the universality of shame.

Don Mee Choi and Christian Hawkey

Two poets reflect on colonialism, iconoclastic writers, and the political dimensions of translating literature under authoritarianism.

from WHEREAS by Layli Long Soldier

I must work, I must eat, I must art, I must mother, I must friend, I must listen, I must observe, constantly I must live.

Originally published in

BOMB 59, Spring 1997

Featuring interviews with Tim Roth, Amy Hempel, Emmylou Harris, Matthew Ritchie, Wallace Shawn, Christian Wolff, Gilles Peress, Kendall Thomas, and George Walker.

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Issue 59 059  Spring 1997