Nick Demopolous by Rebecca Ambrose

Forget autotune—Nick Demopolous introduces BOMBlog to the future of music. Its name is Smomid.

Abrons Art Center
Feb 1, 6:30pm

Nick Demopolous is a Brooklyn-based musician, producer, and composer who has created his own unique instrument called the Smomid. With this comically-named, homegrown piece of equipment—a sort of midi-controller in the shape of a mandolin—Demopolous creates a wide variety of tones and effect which he incorporates into his compositions.

Demopolous—who has been a professional musician since he was 19—sat down with BOMBlog’s Rebecca Ambrose to discuss the evolution and operation of the Smomid and his compositional process. Dems Dems Demos, his recent album, is available now, and he is also a member of the the band Exegesis. You can find more information at his website here.

Jim O'Rourke by Jay Sanders
Orourke Jim 1
Portfolio by William Wolfgang Wunderbar
Wwwbomb 00001

WWW highly enjoys collaborations and co-creation and is currently involved in the project Perfect Users: a remix group that reflects on using-in-general and digital anthropology (or not).

Lucy Dodd by Rashid Johnson
Lucy Dodd 1

Anointing her canvases with minerals, plants, smoke, and even animal urine, Dodd casts her installations as sites of ritual. 

Meredith Monk and Jim Hodges
Meredith Monk 1

The two artists consider the roles that trust and doubt play in their expressions of the ineffable.