Nature Doesn’t Care by Kiki Smith

BOMB 7 Fall 1983
007 Fall 1983

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Wolfgang Staehle 001

Kiki Smith, Nature Doesn’t Care, 1983, paint and dye on muslin, approximately 26 × 96 inches each. Photo by Wolfgang Staehle.

Women as Warriors, Banshee-like
she exorcises the absurdities of
destruction. To hear the horror of
the natural; the birth, death, she
manifests the molecular structure
of the universe: tye dye—the cells
cycles of life and death. A survivor,
like nature has the power, has the
C. A. / B. R. S. 1983

Barbara Bloom by Kiki Smith
Bloom Marilyn5 Body
Tell Our Daughters by Besmilr Brigham

each is beautiful
a woman’s life

Song of the Earth by M. Gopalakrishna Adiga

My birth was at the bottom rung of the Western Ghats
   at a distance of three rolls only from the boiling

Magda Cârneci’s FEM Reviewed by Sarah McEachern

The first English translation of the Romanian writer’s novel—a poetic exploration of the body that both engages and resists gender.

Originally published in

BOMB 7, Fall 1983

Daniel Schmid by Gary Indiana, Robin Winters, Lizzie Borden, Jorg Immendorf, Harry Kipper & Roger Herman, art by Carl Apfelschnitt, Kiki Smith, and more.

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007 Fall 1983