Mr. Vladimir Putin’s Photo with Women by Deb Sokolow

BOMB 145 Fall 2018
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Deb Sokolow is a Chicago-based artist whose work has been shown at the Drawing Center, Van Abbemuseum, Wadsworth Atheneum, and Western Exhibitions, as well as in the Vitamin D2 (Phaidon, 2013) survey on contemporary drawing. Her drawings and artist books can be found in the permanent collections of the Hirshhorn Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and others.

Fuu Being by Margot Ferrick
Ferrick Comic Bomb Magazine

Here I am Being! Me!

An Hourglass Experiences Ego Death by Kyung Me & Harry Gould Harvey IV

A collaboratively drawn comic.

Portfolio by Dawn Clements
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Dawn Clements (1958–2018) was an artist based in Brooklyn. Her paintings and drawings captured her immediate surroundings as well as architectural interiors from films.

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BOMB 145, Fall 2018

In the process of putting together each new issue of BOMB, we often come across distinct resonances between interviews—shared themes, creative preoccupations, and even specific phrases crop up time and again within otherwise disparate features. In these pages, artists discuss their expansive notions on collaboration. Their practices tend to split, reapportion, or redefine authorship, privileging process over individual intention and encouraging unique partnerships with spectators, local communities, film subjects, and one another. These willful acts of reaching out and beyond are as vital as ever, and worth emphasizing here.

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