More Zeus Bits by Anne Carson

This First Proof contains a series of “Zeus” poems.

BOMB 100 Summer 2007
100 Summer 2007


Ruling his life had been many
Organize them
Darling says his therapist Zeus decides to call
Moss his enemy
River nymphs groan (mossy
Banks) Zeus has all the river nymphs put
In a milk bottle
Zeusbalm 2

Can you enforce laws against
Moss people ask Zeus
Smiles he
Will free these simple folk on his stocking
Feet he slides down ramps made of thunder

Zeusbalm 3

That’s the interesting part of being Zeus Zeus
When asked about a sudden disappearance of all
The rivers in the
World I
Don’t need to explain stuff


Zeus’s tigers lay
Cold and golden amid their lawyers a welcome
Day off from the war on moss except
For the
Women who
Scream down their knives as they clean the blood off the

Zeus and Research Funding

Hard to get a doctor anymore in town most of them are
Keeping torture victims alive down by the lake you
See separated hemispheres walking around down there people
Without skin science by leaps and bounds a barn
Of crotches twelve
Fridges of shrieks a
Fairly good cafeteria does this
Sound like a Xmas carol? what do you
Want for Xmas? cries as
Of people swimming when the rain starts


guest is always there let
Us be
Polite soon we will need his heat to survive the night


Immigration to Olympos is not allowed but who
Will clean the blood off etc? Zeus
Consults Apollo Fool
Children with knucklebones men with oaths the usual
legal angle from Apollo
Zeus consults his own
Viscera Ah from then on when
Ever the women are
Crossing the border Zeus farts a big blue
Blizzard boughs go wild FBI stays home most of the women
Die in the passes but any who don’t
are keen
To work they
Work noiselessly

Anne Carson is the author of Decreation (Knopf, 2005). She was twice a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; was honored with the 1996 Lannan Award and the 1997 Pushcart Prize, both for poetry; and was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2000. In 2001 she received the T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry—the first woman to do so; the Griffin Poetry Prize; and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. She currently teaches at the University of Michigan.

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BOMB 100, Summer 2007

Featuring interviews with Chuck Close, Kara Walker, Mamma Andersson, Howard Norman, Peter Nadas, Bela Tarr, Benedict Mason, and Kate Valk.

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100 Summer 2007