Mixed Doubles by Teri Slotkin

BOMB 35 Spring 1991
035 Spring 1991

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Four Photographers by Allen Frame
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Leigh Ledare by Chris Kraus
Leigh Ledare 1

Leigh Ledare’s projects involve interpersonal triangulations in which the camera plays a crucial role and all parties, viewers included, are implicated. Upon A.R.T. Press’s publication of a book-length dialogue between him and Rhea Anastas, Ledare revisits recent works with novelist Chris Kraus.

Six Photographs by Tina Barney
30 Barney 1 Body

Being caught by Tina Barney’s eye is to be familiar, to be loved, to be embraced and to be exposed; torn asunder. What is immutable speaks. It is impossible to be loved without being seen. Which is why most people step back when looking at her photographs.

David Seidner by Betsy Sussler
Self-Portrait of David Seidner in black and white, 1989.

Four photographs, Self-PortraitCelina Fischer Von CzettritzVioleta SanchezUntitled and Betty Lago—Azzedine Alaia by David Seidner. Portfolio remarks by Betsy Sussler.

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BOMB 35, Spring 1991

Featuring interviews with Kathy Bates, Philip Taaffe, Lynne Tillman, Kid Capri, Luisa Valenzuela, Meg Cranston, Melissa Kretschmer & Maya Lin, Zhang Yimou, Keith Reddin, Ira Silverberg & Amy Scholder, Jennie Livingston, and James Wines.

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035 Spring 1991