Mickalene Thomas: Behind the Scenes

“In Mickalene Thomas’s mirror the woman staring back is a self-assured, powerful woman making artwork at the very top of her game. Her new paintings are as emotionally moving as they are visually stimulating.” —Sean Landers, in BOMB 116.

BOMB 116 Summer 2011
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Mickalene Thomas by Sean Landers
Mickalene Thomas 1
Jim Nutt & Gladys Nilsson by Richard Hull
Steady Bears 1970

Painter Richard Hull interviews artists Jim Nutt and Gladys Nilsson in their Chicago home. Check out an audio excerpt from their conversation about El Greco, Chicago Imagism and the Hairy Who.

Procedural Musings: Jenny Morgan by Lynn Maliszewski
Jenny Morgan

Lynn Maliszewski on Jenny Morgan’s hyper-realistic, technically experimental portraits with subjects that hover in the space between intimacy and autonomy. The artist speaks to how she arrived at her current process, subject selection, sanding, area specific glazing and the like and ruminates on what we will see evolve.

Studio Visit: Nina Chanel Abney by Osman Can Yerebakan
Nina Abney22

“Everything is equally treated.” 

Originally published in

BOMB 116, Summer 2011

Featuring interviews with Francis Alÿs, Carla Faesler, Binyavanga Wainaina and Rob Spillman, Simon Van Booy and Siri Hustvedt, Natalia Almada, Joanna Newsom and Roy Harper, Scott Shepherd and Richard Maxwell, and Mickalene Thomas. 

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116 20Cover