Men, Women, and Couples by Nan Goldin

BOMB 3 Spring 1982

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3 Goldin Body

Nan Goldin, from Men, Women and Couples, color slides.

Nan Goldin by Stephen Westfall
Goldin 01
Leigh Ledare by Chris Kraus
Leigh Ledare 1

Leigh Ledare’s projects involve interpersonal triangulations in which the camera plays a crucial role and all parties, viewers included, are implicated. Upon A.R.T. Press’s publication of a book-length dialogue between him and Rhea Anastas, Ledare revisits recent works with novelist Chris Kraus.

Nan Goldin by Stephen Westfall
Goldin 01

Nan Goldin’s photography never fails to entice, shining with her trademark sensuality and tenderness. She spoke with Stephen Westfall for BOMB in 1991.

Peter Funch’s 42nd and Vanderbilt by Gideon Jacobs
D1 A

Photographer Peter Funch’s new book, 42nd and Vanderbilt, is a clever meditation on the commute, but more specifically, it’s a tightly designed experiment about routine.

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BOMB 3, Spring 1982
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