Marilyn Minter by Richard J. Goldstein

Watch one of Minter’s Food Porn commercial slots and listen to a podcast of her speaking about her new monograph at Strand Books in Manhattan.

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100 Food Porn by Marilyn Minter from BOMB Magazine on Vimeo.

100 Food Porn, 1989. Television commercial, 3 minutes. Courtesy of the artist.

Most commercials I don’t mind missing, but when Marilyn Minter screened several of her “Food Porn” commercials from 20 years ago at a Strand artist’s talk I was sorry I had missed them until now. The shots were pulpy, the music sinister and dancey—think Ryuichi Sakamoto meets Madonna’s Erotica—communicating Minter’s process so strongly.

The videos were played on late night TV commercial slots purchased by the artist in 1990. You would have seen them on breaks from Letterman or Arsenio mixed in with commercials for M&Ms or frozen dinners. Subversive was and still is Minter’s plat du jour.

The lecture happened May 25th at the Strand bookstore on the occassion of the re-released and expanded edition of Gregory R. Miller’s monograph of Minter’s work, out this July. Since the ‘90s, Minter has been included in the 2006 Whitney Biennal, worked on projects with M.A.C cosmetics, and her “Green Pink Caviar” video was featured in Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour. Listen to a BOMB exclusive podcast of the Strand lecture:

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