March 24 1994 #6 by Susan Hartnett

BOMB 51 Spring 1995
051 Spring 1995

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Susan Hartnett, March 24 1994 #3, charcol on paper, 18 × 23⅛”.

Peter Doig & Chris Ofili
Doig 01
Eldzier Cortor by Terry Carbone
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“I’m fighting between control and letting nature take its course.”

Portfolio by Lori Ellison
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Stanley Whitney by Alteronce Gumby
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“My work was just like art history; it was all Velázquez, Goya, Cézanne, and Soutine. But when I saw Morris Louis I saw a way into the present.”

Originally published in

BOMB 51, Spring 1995

Featuring interviews with Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Juliana Hatfield, Li Young Lee, Antonia Bird & Danny Boyle, Liz Diamond, Bradford Morrow, Dave Hickey, David Seidner, Shirley Kaneda, Cachao, and William Gass.

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051 Spring 1995