Macho Raton con Paisajes by Carlos Montenegro

BOMB 9 Spring 1984
009 Spring Summer 1984

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Bomb 9 Montenegro 001 Body

Carlos Montenegro, Macho Raton con Paisajes, Nicaragua. Courtesy ASTC and Ventana New York.

Portia Zvavahera by Netsayi
Zvavahera Portia 01 Bomb 134

“I’m a Zimbabwean and I should show in my paintings where I’m from. In our culture, when you have a dream about dogs, cows, or whatnot, it means an evil spirit is coming to attack.”

Three Drawings by Vicente Grondona
Grondona 3 Body
Escena Campestre by Hilda Vogl
Bomb 9 Vogl 001 Body

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BOMB 9, Spring 1984

Nicolas Echevarria, Pam Yates, art by James Nares and Tom Otterness, writing by Daisy Zamora, Kathy Acker, Glenn O’Brien, and more.

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009 Spring Summer 1984