Little Statuette by Kay Rosen

BOMB 36 Summer 1991

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

Bomb 36 Krosen Body

Kay Rosen, Little Statuette, 1990, ink on paper. Courtesy of Feature Gallery.

Carl Apfelschnitt by Sarah Charlesworth
Three Drawings by Jiri Georg Dokoupil
Bomb 44 Dokoupil 001 Body

Three marker drawings, Untitled (Monday Nov 2)Untitled (Sunday, April 18) and Untitled (Martes 20 April) by Jiri Georg Dokoupil.

Two Paintings by Richard Kalina
Kalina Richard 01 Bomb 038

Two paintings, titled The Rules of Engagement and Dispensation by Richard Kalina.

Untitled by Raymond Pettibon
Article 1479 37  Pettibon

Ink on paper work, Untitled, by Raymond Pettibon. 

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BOMB 36, Summer 1991
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