Kitchen Window with Corrall by James Casebere

BOMB 24 Summer 1988
024 Summer 1988
James Casebere Bomb 24

James Casebere, Kitchen Window with Corrall, 1987, silver print, 30 × 40 inches. Courtesy Michael Klein.

Tunnels by James Casebere
Two Photographs by Elliott Schwartz
28 Schwartz Body

Two photographs, No Room For Squares and I Feel the Goodness Going Out of Me, by Elliott Schwartz.

Two Photographs by Michael Clegg & Martin Guttman
Bomb 16 Clegg Body

Two cibachrome prints, titled Kiwi Neutral and Aleseir Nesore by Clegg and Guttman.

Two Photographs by Jan Groover
Bomb 13 Groover 001 Body

Two untitled palladium platinum prints by Jan Groover.

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BOMB 24, Summer 1988

Richard Prince by Marvin Heiferman, Christian Lacroix, Sandra Bernhard by Gary Indiana, John Patrick Shanley, Gregor von Rezzori, Cristobal Balenciaga, and more.

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024 Summer 1988