Keith Haring by Tseng Kwong Chi

Photograph by Tseng Kwong Chi of Keith Haring creating a subway drawing.

BOMB 4 Fall 1982

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

Keith Haring 01

Tseng Kwong Chi, Untitled photograph of Keith Haring. Courtesy Tony Shafrazi.

Keith Haring: Languages by Andrew Blackley Johanna Burton Scott Treleaven
Haring 1
From Silver Caution by Angela Jaeger
Jaeger Angela 01 Bomb 134
Cuckoo for Coco by Mary-Ann Monforton & Morris Shuman

Coco has a career that spans over 40 years, first as a 15-year-old “writer” on subway cars and later evolving into a studio artist employing stretched canvas. He is represented in Down by Law at Eric Firestone Gallery with three paintings selected from three different periods of his career. Each canvas has as its singular theme, various mutations of his tag, “coco.”

The Days of the Year by Edward Albee & Roberto Juarez
Roberto Juarez 01 Bomb 032 Sm

Portfolio of Roberto Juarez’s work assembled and introduced by Edward Albee.

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BOMB 4, Fall 1982
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